EPEN Microneedling Certification

Are you ready to explore the remarkable world of the E-Pen and its potential to revolutionize your skincare practice?

Course Highlights:

  • Immediate Results: Discover how the E-Pen delivers instant skin rejuvenation, leaving patients with a radiant “glow” right after the procedure. Witness visible changes that continue to evolve over several weeks.
  • Long-lasting Benefits: Gain insights into the enduring impact of E-Pen treatments, with results continually improving for up to six months post-treatment.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Learn the art of tailoring treatment plans to individual patient needs. Understand why some patients achieve remarkable results with just one annual treatment, while others benefit from a series of sessions.
  • Optimal Protocols: Explore the recommended treatment protocols, including series of two to three treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart for enhanced outcomes. Discover how to address specific skincare concerns, such as deep acne scars, with precision.
  • Certification: This course includes an introductory theory module, offering in-depth E-Pen product knowledge, techniques, usage guidelines, and a video demonstration. To receive theory certification, students are required to achieve a minimum score of 80% across all modules.

Unlock the potential of the E-Pen and redefine your approach to skincare transformations. Join us and embark on a journey that brings immediate and lasting radiance to your patients.